Keywords And Categories

Because I love to procrastinate, I gave John & Other Stories a new cover, which hasn’t taken yet, and a new Summary. Kinda like my old one better, though.

John&Other Stories

A collection of seven stories ranging from experimental and weird to traditional style.
A blind woman prefers the company of the creature in her attic to that of other people.
Just Us
To survive, a black dragon has to band together with an inferior red dragon.
A guard needs to replenish his cinnamon stock before his partner finds reason to use that knife on him.
The Cup
Breakfast as seen by a coffee cup.
A prisoner holds the power to destroy the world with his mind alone.
Small Oddities
An owl overcomes its greatest fear with the aid of another.

While I was at it I also optimized the keywords. Or tried to anyway. Using Amazon’s “secret list”, which I didn’t originally, I’ve now gone from four or five categories–one of which John had no business being in–down to two. Of course, the one it doesn’t belong in’s still there. \guess that’s the reward for trying. And it’s not an issue of spelling or plural vs singular, I checked.  Not really sure, what I’m supposed to do about it.


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