I Think My Muse Is Evil Incarnate

For the longest time, I thought getting around the inner editor was one of the hardest parts–if not the hardest part, of writing–but he’s been well behaved lately. I think my inner editor may have realized that if I can’t write there’s nothing to edit either.

My dear muse, on the other hand, has been a real pain ever since I started  revising Ash Manor.  She’s calmed down a little again since I moved from the rewriting part to the plain editing for wording and such, but she’s still constantly trying to get me to go write something–anything–that doesn’t have a strict road map.

So today, I figured I’m close enough to done, why not let her play for a while? I brought up the file of the serial I’ve been planning and what does dear muse do? She pretty much went. “Know what? I’m not in the mood after all.” i did get about 600 words in, though, an a good 10 pages of editing. Still wouldn’t things be so much easier, if everybody just knew their place? I mean, I kind of need them both; just not at the same time.

On the positive side, I now have Thunder the drug sniffing dog, and demons setting up shop in an abandoned factory to add to my list of potential stories/plot devices. And the MC of the serial has done a good deed and potentially made an ally or an enemy.


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