So Much For A September Release

After John & Other Stories took me more than a month less to get ready than I had anticipated, I underestimated just how much more work The Enemy Within needs. Considering how much trouble this story was already giving me when it was a 500 words flash fic, I should have known better. At least I had no plans of putting this one up for preorder.

I suppose I could rush it to get it out in September, but that wouldn’t do the story justice and I’d rather lose a little momentum and release a higher quality product than put it out there just to say. “Hey, I did it!” Especially since I’m trying to get it to 10k+ words without padding.  I’ve rewritten maybe the first quarter now and gone from ~5k to just above 7k, but right now the MC goes from being freaked out about the voices he keeps hearing and the memories he doesn’t have to “I’m haunted. Cool.” without much transition, so that needs more work. For now, I’m officially pushing The Enemy Within to October. If it gets done earlier: Great.

On a more positive note: I’ve had an actual sale.


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