Serial, Series Or Standalone? An Experiment

Thinking that having a more or less steady style, will generate a better result than switching back and forth,I’ve been thinking about the above question a lot; collecting pros and cons on all. They pretty much even out in my opinion., so I took a closer look at everything I’m currently working on. And–lucky me–I’ve got stories that could with the right approach during revision fit into those categories without breaking my vision for the story in question. Too make things better, they’re also similar enough in genre and style to not skewer results that way.

So, I’ve decided to run a little experiment by releasing stories in all of the above styles over time  and see which does best as well as which suits me best. No point in realizing that say serials will make me millions but hating to write them. Since money is a secondary concern to me, what I like to write better will figure in heavier than  what does better.

This whole thing will take months, maybe years, but I want to do it and since I’ll be writing and publishing anyway, I might as well gather some data while I’m at it. People have probably done this before me or it might not be worth the time, but, while I’m not opposed to taking advice or tips, I like to gather my own data and make my own mistakes.  After all what worked for X might not work for me.


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