I Made Money!

A whole 36 cents if Select pays out at the estimated .0057. I had another borrow and this one read the whole 38 pages, thus forcing me to revise my earlier theory. I thought the pages displayed on the store page were the KU pages, because they showed four more pages than my file. Turns out there’s another number hidden in the depth of my author account.

Time for a new theory. Since neither reader quit right off the bat and left me a one star review ( which admittedly they might just be too nice to do), I’m going to assume my writing isn’t all that horrible.  Or maybe I’m the only one who can’t finish books that feature atrocious writing…

According to the kdp forums I should either be enraged/disappointed because I’m not selling more or happy because that’s more than most self published books get. There are too many negative things  in this world, so I’m going with happy. Besides I exceeded my expectations. It also proves to me that sticking JOHN in Select was the right decision. Compare 64 pages read to 0 outright sales.  I know which one I’d rather have.

If I didn’t have to wait for it to reach 100, I could buy a bun or a duplo. So, yeah, definitely going with happy.


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