And Then I Found Canva

As the title says, I’ve found another thing to play with when I’m avoiding the evil that is revision. Besides, cover creation may well be my least favorite part if the whole DIY approach. Anyway, I made this  last night.

Th e Enemy Within

It’s nothing stellar, but at least it doesn’t look quiet as much like someone stumbled upon Gimp and used a bunch of filters.

I haven’t been completely idle on the revision front, though. I’ve started to type up the changes for my horror short, which may or may not be dark fantasy instead. I suck at this genre thing almost as much as at writing summaries.

Here’s the 1st draft within a 2nd draft first paragraph

Littered with cracks and holes, and more of its shingles on the ground, half hidden by the patchy grass, than on its roof, the house at the end of the driveway looked nothing like the one had left behind almost a decade ago. In its current state it b resembled a dried up carcass more than a building. Every fiber of his being urged Ash to turn around and pretend this place never existed; like he’d done until the dreams started. He’d put this visit off as long as he could, but there was no going back now. By next week Ash’s childhood home would be no more than an empty plot of land for nature to reclaim.

And what it started out as.

Ash used the door of his car as a whimsical shield while he allowed himself a moment to just look at the remains of his childhood. After almost a decade of neglect , the house looked like a hollow shell of itself. Cracked shingles, knocked loose by countless storms, and splintered wood littered the ground. It was a pathetic and kind of sad sight. Nothing like the gnawing monster, he almost remembered from the night he left–ran, really. He wouldn’t acknowledge that, though. Not even in his own mind.

I kind of don’t really like either version, but we’ll see. This story is in for another round of edits anyway. When did September become so short?


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