I Think I Did That Wrong

John & Other Stories has now been available for purchase for a little over a week and, as expected, I’ve had no sales so far. I got around 50 downloads when I ran an unplanned free promo over the weekend so I could get a copy without paying for a “prettied up” version of something I already own. I’ve also had 26 pages reas, which is awesome because that’s ~.15 more than I expected to make and a flat out profit.

as that appeared as first 16 and then later an additional 10 pages, I’m going to assume it translates to two people reading.  If that’s true, then one read John and quit partway through the second, and the other finished the second story. It’s probably way too early for this, but I’m starting to wonder if putting John as the first story might have been a mistake. I think it’s the strongest story in the lot and probably my favorite, too, but being third person present tense with a blind protagonist, it’s also very experimental in nature. Anyone who isn’t put off by that or even buys/borrows because of it, might end up disappointed by the more traditional second story. This whole collection is really a mix of experimental and traditional stories. Maybe I should haves split it into two, but oh well. I’m not really worried. It’s a learning process and considering the lack of promotion I have done and am doing, I’m happy with my numbers. The one thing, I really wanted, was a rank on at least one Amazon and I got one.

That said, I making good but painful progress on my horror short, so I’ll have something new to release by the end of the month. I need to add in one more scene and then the rest is more or less cosmetic changes.


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