Procrastination Is My New Friend

Started revision on my horror short story, that started life as a flashfic before exploding into a ~6k monster during its second draft. So far–while I like the story better than I remembered– its turning out to be a real pain. That story became so much more than I had anticipated toward the end, leaving me with a beginning, in need of massive rewrites. I’m currently at 2.5 handwritten pages in place of a single typed page. I can fit about 200 words on a page with my chicken scratches. It drives home just how much of a pantser I really am. Writing with a concrete goal in mind is far harder than just writing. Now I’m scared of my NaNo mess…

I’m going at maybe a paragraph or two per day, because I keep taking coffee breaks and playing “just one match” of Pokemon TCGO.  I Really want that Charizard on the versus ladder…

At least I still got pure writing projects that want to be finished. That’s a bit of relief. I’m soldiering through though, and somewhere around page ten I should hit the parts that need less rewrites and more just tightening up.  I will not be bested by something I created!


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