Printer Woes And Drafts

Yesterday, I finally figured out why my shiny new printer keeps quitting mid print. To make matters worse, it’s exactly what I expected in the first place: Either the wireless function is inherently unstable, or something in the 10 cm between the printer and the laptop is interfering with it. And had I dug a little deeper then, I would have found the option to switch from network to local. Feeling a little stupid now.

Anyway, to test it, I printed my NaNo draft–single spaced, which I’m now regretting–and about ten pages from finishing, the printer tells me that I might have a counterfeit cartridge and starts going on about lack of warranty on those. One, I don’t care as long as it prints, two, the cartridge ,it was referring to, came with the printer, and three, taking more than 100 pages to notice a counterfeit product is kind of pointless, as is the option to just click Continue.

Turns out what it mean to say is that the cartridge was about to run empty, so the final pages are a bit paler than the rest.

Despite my intention to not get into it, yet, I did take a pen to the first few pages of  the mess, I created in November, and I gotta say it’s terrifying to look at all the correction.  Found some good stuff, too, though. I’m scared off the end, though, because I know I Deus Ex’d that just so I could put The End under it by Nov 30th.  Oh, well, I got all the time in the world to figure it out. Especially since I got a stack of other things ahead in line of it.

Plus John goes live in two days.


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