I’ve been lurking in the KDP forums a lot lately and I can’t say I get the uproar the changes to KDP Select are causing. I mean, I do get that authors of shorter works or picture books are getting quite a bit less than before. Picture books especially need to be treated different than text only books. To them the new system really isn’t fair.

What I don’t get is why people insist on comparing it to the old system and count that as a loss. The old system isn’t coming back and that’s that. What people should be comparing in my opinion–if anything at all–is whether a fully read borrow gets them more than a sale. But than there’s also the fact that not every borrow would have been a sale, so…

If I sell say 10 copies of John, I get 3,50

With 10 borrows, assuming it’s fully read I’d only get ~1,40

But if none of those borrows would have been sales, I still make a profit

To me, if something is done about picture and maybe recipe books, the per page system seems a whole lot fairer than the flat rate. It’s probably the closest Amazon can get to fair without individually “rewarding” each book.

As a writer, of course, I’d love if people paid my 1k for my 24 pages. Who wouldn’t? But as a reader, and assuming the same quality–which Amazon kind of has to–I wouldn’t value 24 pages as high as say 400. Of course if the longer book sucks and the shorter doesn’t, I’d consider it worth more. That’s not a system a platform that big can apply.

And to be honest, and, assuming the same writing speed and skill, and the same quality end product, a short story author can put out more individual products in the same time another releases a single novel. thus payment evens out.

That said, John is staying in Select, because I think the potential extra exposure  does me more good than an additional ~.20.


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