To Do List

  1. Edit finished ~5k word short story and figure out if it’s horror or fantasy
  2. Expand epic fantasy short story into novel/la/ette
  3. Edit ~3k fantasy short story and maybe expand it a little
  4. Finish fantasy short story I put on hold for Camp NaNo
  5. Try to find the four flash fics I was working on before Camp
  6. Finish horror sci-fi novel/la/lette
  7. Edit NaNoWriMo draft <– definitely keeping that one for last, because with every story I finish, I see new better ways to go about it.

And to think, I was worried about running out of things to do. I’m going to try for at least one task a month. Except for the finish or expand X. Those I’ll do on the side as I edit.


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