Wasps Sleep In, Too

At around 8:30 this morning, I went to the store across the street from me. They’ve a n open bakery to the right of the entrance, and since I’m phobic, I’ve noticed that lately there’s always a single wasp buzzing around behind the glass.It doesn’t bother me much, since I rarely venture close enough to the bakery to trigger to do more than notice the thing.I always look, though.

When I didn’t see it this morning, the first thing to enter my mind was, “It’s probably just late.” Of course, I called myself stupid right after, because no way was that always the same wasp. Yet, low and  behold, as I was leaving the store, a single wasp flew by and straight for the bakery.

Later on, after I woke from a nap with a desperate graving for cake, I went back there and the wasp was happily flying circles around its customary spot over the cheesecake. I know, it’s nothing but a  weird coincidence, but I’m sorely tempted to name the wasp. That or get myself a nice tinfoil hat, because the story I’m working on , uses wasps as a sort of infiltration weapon.

Maybe, I should try interrogating it and hope they don’t haul me off…


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