Norton Died…Twice And Darvis Is A Dead Traitor

I’m still in the process of rewriting my NaNo novel on the side, and while trudging through that mess, looking for salvageable material to go into the new version, I found the perfect reason for me to keep character lists in the future.

Before the story, one of the main characters is framed for the murder of a priest named Norton. It comes up a few times, too, because figuring out who framed him is kind of pivotel to the plot. So there’s really no excuse for another main character having a mentor named Norton, who dies at the hand of her brother in Act II. I also found another priest named simply N. in there.

Then there’s the Darvises. Only two of those, but still… One aids the main characters, then rats them out to the Big Bad. No idea what happens to him after that. Later on, the other gets killed while protecting them from said Big Bad.

And to think the only thing, I worried about while writing ,was that Alicia and Arcana might sound too similar. Ah, well, that’s what revision’s for.

But for the future: Names are a dime a dozen. So I herby give my future self permission to use as many different ones as needed, even if it amounts to Xyz told Asdf to get lost.


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