The Killer Inside

The apartment building I live in is being renovated, which means a lot of noise, black pebbles outside my door, and half my windows being taped shut. It’s all good, though, because as long as I make sure to sleep long enough that their initial bout of drilling is what wakes me, I can force myself back under and sleep, through the worst of it.  Never thought that being able to sleep through anything I fell asleep to had a positive side, too.

Since I’m a night writer and morning wannabe zombie, that works out well enough for me. I mind staying up till say 5:00 am a whole lot less than getting up then.

The workers vanish at some point between 1 and 2:00 pm. Plenty of time left for me to get working.

Still it gets me thinking. People say, there’s no such thing as the perfect murder.

I suppose it depends on how you define it, but I disagree. By my definition, a perfect murder is achieved if the killer doesn’t get caught during his or her lifetime and that’s happened before.  Now, I don’t plan on committing murder anytime soon or ever for that matter, but I like to challenge myself, so every now and again, I come up with scenarios that might achieve a perfect murder. Not all of them are realistic, but it’s fun (twisted mind, I know. I grew up watching horror movies).

Like a person being contaminated with some sort of biotoxin, that doesn’t release until decomposition starts, committing suicide in an air vent inside a high tier government building. Okay, so that sounds more like a terrorist attack, but  as long as there’s no official definition for it, mine is as right as anyone else’s.

I’ve this other theory, which rose out of frustration initially. Everyone will kill for the right price. For some that might be money or other things of material value, while for others it’s  threatening their life or that of a loved one.

I’ve no idea what my price would be; never thought much about it. I just know it’s not money.

Anyway, the point of this theory, id really just that I’m against condemning anyone based solely on their race, nationality, religion, etc.  We’re all part of the same narrow gene pool, so if say all germans are nazis than all americans are bull headed idiots who can’t see past their own borders and all brits are stuck up snobs.  Now ,anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence, should know that that’s not true, but I digress. Hitler killed a lot of people, and so did the french, the christians, and probably every other community there ever was.

You don’t have to be X to do Y, and that’s enough preaching.


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