It’s Getting Personal

Got my first personal rejection today and I’m elated. If I’m reading it right, the story overall worked fine but the ending was lackluster. It’s still a no, but it gives me something concrete to improve on an I’ve always suspected that endings were something I still have a ways to go on.

I’ve a stack of stories, I never finished because I couldn’t think of an ending that didn’t seem contrived to me.  Hearing it from a more official source, helps me trust in my own judgment and shows me that I’m fairly aware of my skill–sometimes, anyway–despite my limited experience.

All in all, that was absolutely worth the wait. Makes me wonder, though. How many of my formal rejections were due to the endings, too? Except for the one, where I managed to delete the first page from the file send, I’ve not gotten any instant rejections.Now, I know that doesn’t mean it took the other magazines that long to decide. But more likely that there were many others before mine.

It doesn’t matter, I suppose. Most of those submission have since been rewritten or edited again,but I’m going to have a closer look at their endings now. I’ll have a look at this story later and see if I can find a way to fix it, then decide on its future.

Only thing that bummed me out a little–with myself, not them–is that I gave away the ending in the title, because I changed it to Scotophobia after deciding that the original title, which I can’t remember anymore, was lame. Go , me…I guess.


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