Runaway Stories Ruining my Plans

I’m about 5k into the novella I started this month and I’m beginning to fell like I’m moving the plot along too fast. Now, I’d understand if it were a new story, but it’s just a conversion.I don’t really mind it running longer than I’d planned. I just don’t think that I can stick to my October self publishing plan if I end up with a novel instead of a novella, which kind of sucks and is kind of awesome. Dunno, I’m kinda torn.Earlier potential income versus higher potential income per unit sold. I suppose, it gives me more time to release short stories and build a name for myself, which again equates to a higher potential income. And I get to enjoy writing it longer.

I’m taking my first collection through final edits now; just got the rejection on one of the stories I wanted to put in there. I’m thinking that one’s more low key psychological horror or drama than fantasy, though. So I might still take it out and keep submitting it.

I’m also working on planning the next batch. And here, i thought NaNo would keep me from working on my short stories. Granted, I won’t be completing a new one a week, but I’m not slacking off either. And NaNo makes writing twice as fun. Especially since my cabin is kind of amazing.


2 thoughts on “Runaway Stories Ruining my Plans

  1. That’s nothing that a bit vicious editing can’t solve once you’ve finished drafting even if you’ve gone thousands of words over count. If it doesn’t move the story along, slash it out!


    1. i wanted a novella, but if it wants to be a novel instead, that’s great, too. I just wish I’d known, because that changes whether I give it my full attention until ‘The End’ or put it on hold to write other stories every now and again.


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