Backing Up the Backup

When I was about seven, a police officer held a speech in my class on why children shouldn’t cross streets outside of traffic lights and so. He said that up until a certain age children can’t judge distance properly. Unfortunately for me, he neglected to say when that inability fades. So to this day, though I’m sure I no longer count as a child, at times I don’t trust myself to know how far that car is from me.  Kind of problematic when I got to cross streets with no crossing no matter which direction I leave in.

Anyway, I keep reading variations on “have multiple backups.”  but no hints on what’s too much and what too little, though I guess in the case of backing up my writing, it’s the more the better. So, I came up with a system that seems to have a lot of redundancies to me, but hey. Better than using my leading edge mid flight.

  • I write in LibreOffice, which saves to a Google drive folder
  • then I copy various stages of tories to evernote <– different drafts get saved here too
  • I edit with kingsoft, which again gets copied t o all the others
  • I copy those same stages to yWriter, which again saves to Google
  • Finished stories get send to both my kindles

And I’m tempted to start emailing files to both myself and my mother, since she’ll be my final typo checker anyway. At some time I had dropbox in there, too, but that folder glitched out and it took me weeks to fix, so I dropped it.

In comparison: my ebook collection is only backed up on a single thumbdrive.

Am I going way over the top here? Maybe, but you gotta see the whole picture. Computers tend to survive me for about two years and my laptop is now two and a half, so I’m getting a little paranoid. Especially since there’s a suspicious lack of things going wrong.

I’m now planning on releasing my first collection in October. That should give editors enough time to get to the stories I’ve still got out there and decide on them. If they reject them, they’ll likely go into the collection. If not, then I’ll probably invest the money into either a professional cover or editing. Either option is fine for me.  Other than that, I’m all set, I just need the final verdict on those stories.


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