And Now for Something Completely Unrelated

About 3 months ago, I switched to an e-cigarette and loved it from the get go, but I’m beginning to think I’m too “stupid” for the technology.

This Monday, I noticed my liquids  running low, so I figured, I’ll get some tomorrow. A little while later my coil failed and I immediately shorted out my last backup. Plans shot, I went and got liquids as well as a set of five replacement coils.  When I got home, I realized that I’d managed to screw my tank together, so tight, it wouldn’t come apart–where it was supposed to. It came apart just fine everywhere else, leaving me with liquid all over my desk.

I eventually got it open  with the aid of rubber bands. I Switched the coil, refilled the tank and put it back together.  Only now nothing worked at all. Stupid iStick wouldn’t acknowledge the tank and neither  did my backups. And by now its too late to go anywhere other than a gas station and buy a pack of cigarettes.

Upon returning home, 5 E lighter, I found the problem: The tank’s cap wasn’t screwed on properly and thus not keeping things where they needed to e kept. Fixed that and now things are working fine again, though the original coil’s still dead.


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