Editing and Me

This week, I learned something, I wish I’d figured ut months ago. Editing is far easier for me when I do it in the morning. Before noon I have next to no creative energy and writing is a chore–a 100 word an hour chore. Editing on the other hand goes easy because of the same fact. If I edit in the afternoon, or worse yet, the evening, I start adding and rewriting and can’t stop myself from it. Thus I’ll end up with out of control stories, which need just as much editing as they did before…

I’m also putting together a set of stories, who’ve reached their minimum rejections, to selfpublish. One of them is still out and I’m unlikely to hear back on it for a few months yet.  Not sure what I’m going to call the collection yet.  I’ve got it saved under Fantastical Tidbits for now, but I’m not particularly fond of that title.

I still stand by my decision to let the other story die. I’ve send out two since and am close to finishing another five. So, yeah, that story was just evil. But now I’m only one submission behind because of it and catching up rather than falling further back.Learned my lesson on that matter: If a story doesn’t want to work, leave it behind.


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