Fair warning: This is more of a rant than anything else.

Three times a week I spend a few hours of my writing time–I really need to start calling it work time–to sit around and listen to people, I don’t really like, go on about celerity A or movie B. Or as I like to call it, to be bored out of my mind. It’s a compromise, I  made to get people off my back when I’m working, which of course means they try to coax more time out of me. Yet, when I refuse to go to a cafe because, thanks to the above, I’m behind schedule, I’m being unreasonable and withdrawing.  I mean, I get it. Even well established authors often have trouble getting the necessary respect for their work time. But the next time, someone tells me that writing is a nice side project, heads might roll.

One, it’s not a side project, because I’ve nothing else going on and two, why shouldn’t I put my energy into something I like that isn’t likely to kill me? Oh, but I forget damage done by a stroke isn’t permanent unless you’re old. I’ve had the stroke almost eight years ago, so surely I’m just being lazy/contrary/difficult/whatever…

They’ve suggested a, in their opinion, very nice alternative, though. There’s a thing here where people with disabilities can work for a full 40 hours week for a pittance. And by pittance, I mean not even enough to buy groceries for half a month. Besides, that suggestion alone means they don’t get that the stroke means I can’t do anything  for more than maybe 90 minutes without needing an hour or two of sleep before I can think or walk straight again. And, yes, that includes writing and video games. Even, if I could do it, I wouldn’t go with an option that requires you to work for free for a year before they’ll even consider paying you. Not that I think, I’d last that long. Considering my last attempt at something similar lasted about five month before those in charge declared it a complete failure.

I’m not dissing the concept. I suppose it’s good for people who enjoy that kind of work or just want/need something to do. It just isn’t for me. Fortunately, for now, they can’t force me and I’m very good at saying “No” over and over again. In the same sentence if needed.

I’d rather make a pittance writing than doing something that, in my eyes, is little more than an exploit. Thank you very much.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, maybe I can get back to writing and try to recover that story, I lost yesterday, when Kingsoft decided to crash while I was saving…


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