When Stories Die

I’ve spent the last two or so weeks trying to fix a story that just isn’t working for me and it completely stalled me out on everything else. So, I’m now behind schedule (Shame on me). This week, I made the choice to let it go and it worked. After another day or two spent grieving for it, I finished another two stories and started the next batch.

I’ve also made a final decision on self publishing. I’ll send every story to three to six markets and if it doesn’t sell by then, it goes into the selfpub pile. I’ve several stories out right now that fit that bill and some of them have good chances of getting personalized rejections ( according to  the Grinder), if they get rejected.  Just for that reason, I’m kind off hoping for rejections on those. Call me weird, but I think personalized rejections might do me more good in the long run than an acceptance. After all, “Your characters are flat” for example tells me more than  knowing I did something right but not what or how.

I tried my hand on making a cover for my camp project. It’s nothing great, because I’m so not a graphic artist. Don’t enjoy it much either, but it came out better than my previous attempts, which amounted to little more than brush effects and barely legible text…



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