July Camp NaNoWriMo

Until a few days ago, I wasn’t sure I wanted to participate in next months camp. But now that I started to think about what to write, I realized that the novel, I was going to write in November, can easily be split into several novellas; each with a proper ending of itself. Not a cliffhanger-by -my-next-book-to-get-the-whole-story thing because I hate those. I can split it into three to four standalones.

So, I’m doing camp to write the first, which I will then self publish. Not right away of course, but within reasonable time. While taking that step seems a little daunting, I think it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise I’ll just keep pushing it off. I lived in One-day-I’ll-write-a-novel land too long to let that happen.

I mean, worst comes to worst, the book will completely flat line and I’m oddly enough more okay   with that than the idea of accidentally writing a bestseller.

It does kind of feel like I’m abandoning W1S1, though. Even the minimal planning, I’m sacrificing some of my writing time for now, does.


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