Backing Up the Backup

When I was about seven, a police officer held a speech in my class on why children shouldn’t cross streets outside of traffic lights and so. He said that up until a certain age children can’t judge distance properly. Unfortunately for me, he neglected to say when that inability fades. So to this day, though I’m sure I no longer count as a child, at times I don’t trust myself to know how far that car is from me.  Kind of problematic when I got to cross streets with no crossing no matter which direction I leave in.

Anyway, I keep reading variations on “have multiple backups.”  but no hints on what’s too much and what too little, though I guess in the case of backing up my writing, it’s the more the better. So, I came up with a system that seems to have a lot of redundancies to me, but hey. Better than using my leading edge mid flight.

  • I write in LibreOffice, which saves to a Google drive folder
  • then I copy various stages of tories to evernote <– different drafts get saved here too
  • I edit with kingsoft, which again gets copied t o all the others
  • I copy those same stages to yWriter, which again saves to Google
  • Finished stories get send to both my kindles

And I’m tempted to start emailing files to both myself and my mother, since she’ll be my final typo checker anyway. At some time I had dropbox in there, too, but that folder glitched out and it took me weeks to fix, so I dropped it.

In comparison: my ebook collection is only backed up on a single thumbdrive.

Am I going way over the top here? Maybe, but you gotta see the whole picture. Computers tend to survive me for about two years and my laptop is now two and a half, so I’m getting a little paranoid. Especially since there’s a suspicious lack of things going wrong.

I’m now planning on releasing my first collection in October. That should give editors enough time to get to the stories I’ve still got out there and decide on them. If they reject them, they’ll likely go into the collection. If not, then I’ll probably invest the money into either a professional cover or editing. Either option is fine for me.  Other than that, I’m all set, I just need the final verdict on those stories.


And Now for Something Completely Unrelated

About 3 months ago, I switched to an e-cigarette and loved it from the get go, but I’m beginning to think I’m too “stupid” for the technology.

This Monday, I noticed my liquids  running low, so I figured, I’ll get some tomorrow. A little while later my coil failed and I immediately shorted out my last backup. Plans shot, I went and got liquids as well as a set of five replacement coils.  When I got home, I realized that I’d managed to screw my tank together, so tight, it wouldn’t come apart–where it was supposed to. It came apart just fine everywhere else, leaving me with liquid all over my desk.

I eventually got it open  with the aid of rubber bands. I Switched the coil, refilled the tank and put it back together.  Only now nothing worked at all. Stupid iStick wouldn’t acknowledge the tank and neither  did my backups. And by now its too late to go anywhere other than a gas station and buy a pack of cigarettes.

Upon returning home, 5 E lighter, I found the problem: The tank’s cap wasn’t screwed on properly and thus not keeping things where they needed to e kept. Fixed that and now things are working fine again, though the original coil’s still dead.

A Bit Worried About Camp NaNo

I’ve spent the last few months both editing and writing–some days only editing.  As such, I’ve not consistently written my 1000 words a day. Now with camp around the corner, I’m starting to worry. What if I can’t switch back to only writing?  If I can’t meet my goals? Thing is, I went through the same thing last November only with planning. I ended up with ~89k that month.

So chance are I’m just overreacting.  I’m not even sure why I’m freaking out. So what if I don’t finish that novella in July? On the first I’ve consistently written and/or edited for a year. It’d throw a wrench in my self publishing plans, but so does Camp in a way.

The cabin, I’ve been sorted into, seems good so far. Communicative but not constantly babbling.

I guess, it comes down to remembering that I do NaNo for fun, not because I need someone to hold me accountable. I’ve written the first ~300 words  just to get me started. Not particularly happy with them, but it’s a first draft.

Looking back, I can’t believe how long it took me to realize that first drafts can, and often do, suck. I still have the urge to go back and fiddle with stuff, but that’s why my inner editor has a tiny little room in my mind’s basement. I throw him ( yes, my inner editor is male. Always has been) plot bunnies every so often. He’s happy enough…

Not Behind After All

I wasn’t going to do any stats only post, but since I miscounted my submissions so badly, I feel the need to keep record somewhere I can’t misplace…

So far I’ve had…

7 form rejections

1 held for further consideration

1 withdrawn

4 waiting for response

5 stories undergoing editing

That’s 13 submissions. One of those is a repeat submission, and two are complete rewrites. I’m supposed to send out story #9 out this wednesday.

And that’s why I write and don’t do advanced math.

Editing and Me

This week, I learned something, I wish I’d figured ut months ago. Editing is far easier for me when I do it in the morning. Before noon I have next to no creative energy and writing is a chore–a 100 word an hour chore. Editing on the other hand goes easy because of the same fact. If I edit in the afternoon, or worse yet, the evening, I start adding and rewriting and can’t stop myself from it. Thus I’ll end up with out of control stories, which need just as much editing as they did before…

I’m also putting together a set of stories, who’ve reached their minimum rejections, to selfpublish. One of them is still out and I’m unlikely to hear back on it for a few months yet.  Not sure what I’m going to call the collection yet.  I’ve got it saved under Fantastical Tidbits for now, but I’m not particularly fond of that title.

I still stand by my decision to let the other story die. I’ve send out two since and am close to finishing another five. So, yeah, that story was just evil. But now I’m only one submission behind because of it and catching up rather than falling further back.Learned my lesson on that matter: If a story doesn’t want to work, leave it behind.


Fair warning: This is more of a rant than anything else.

Three times a week I spend a few hours of my writing time–I really need to start calling it work time–to sit around and listen to people, I don’t really like, go on about celerity A or movie B. Or as I like to call it, to be bored out of my mind. It’s a compromise, I  made to get people off my back when I’m working, which of course means they try to coax more time out of me. Yet, when I refuse to go to a cafe because, thanks to the above, I’m behind schedule, I’m being unreasonable and withdrawing.  I mean, I get it. Even well established authors often have trouble getting the necessary respect for their work time. But the next time, someone tells me that writing is a nice side project, heads might roll.

One, it’s not a side project, because I’ve nothing else going on and two, why shouldn’t I put my energy into something I like that isn’t likely to kill me? Oh, but I forget damage done by a stroke isn’t permanent unless you’re old. I’ve had the stroke almost eight years ago, so surely I’m just being lazy/contrary/difficult/whatever…

They’ve suggested a, in their opinion, very nice alternative, though. There’s a thing here where people with disabilities can work for a full 40 hours week for a pittance. And by pittance, I mean not even enough to buy groceries for half a month. Besides, that suggestion alone means they don’t get that the stroke means I can’t do anything  for more than maybe 90 minutes without needing an hour or two of sleep before I can think or walk straight again. And, yes, that includes writing and video games. Even, if I could do it, I wouldn’t go with an option that requires you to work for free for a year before they’ll even consider paying you. Not that I think, I’d last that long. Considering my last attempt at something similar lasted about five month before those in charge declared it a complete failure.

I’m not dissing the concept. I suppose it’s good for people who enjoy that kind of work or just want/need something to do. It just isn’t for me. Fortunately, for now, they can’t force me and I’m very good at saying “No” over and over again. In the same sentence if needed.

I’d rather make a pittance writing than doing something that, in my eyes, is little more than an exploit. Thank you very much.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, maybe I can get back to writing and try to recover that story, I lost yesterday, when Kingsoft decided to crash while I was saving…

When Stories Die

I’ve spent the last two or so weeks trying to fix a story that just isn’t working for me and it completely stalled me out on everything else. So, I’m now behind schedule (Shame on me). This week, I made the choice to let it go and it worked. After another day or two spent grieving for it, I finished another two stories and started the next batch.

I’ve also made a final decision on self publishing. I’ll send every story to three to six markets and if it doesn’t sell by then, it goes into the selfpub pile. I’ve several stories out right now that fit that bill and some of them have good chances of getting personalized rejections ( according to  the Grinder), if they get rejected.  Just for that reason, I’m kind off hoping for rejections on those. Call me weird, but I think personalized rejections might do me more good in the long run than an acceptance. After all, “Your characters are flat” for example tells me more than  knowing I did something right but not what or how.

I tried my hand on making a cover for my camp project. It’s nothing great, because I’m so not a graphic artist. Don’t enjoy it much either, but it came out better than my previous attempts, which amounted to little more than brush effects and barely legible text…