Kill Your Darlings

My first reaction to the above advice was “That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.”  Especially after I dug deeper and came across a suggestion to cut the first three chapters of a first draft.

Now, my NaNo novel is a steaming mess and I expected to need to rewrite it almost entirely, but three whole chapters?  Then potential reader won’t know how that character ended  up on an island that shouldn’t exist. Unthinkable. Thanks to getting into short stories,  I recently started thinking that maybe they don’t have to. At least not right off the bat. It’ll require refocusing the story on a different MC, but  it would work and a lot of the stuff I showed “on screen” during the first draft would make for great background noise.  Rewriting to that degree is going to take me forever. Especially since I intend to keep up the short stories, too, but I think I’m on to something. Doing this al;so, allows me to drop three minor characters and get another more involved.

Worst comes to worst, it’s further practice. So: Win win.


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