I Think I’m Doing it Wrong

or at least saying it wrong because whenever I state my desire/plan to make money off writing, people think I mean just until I find something better. So, they try to fill my time with other ‘great’ things to entertain me. Oh, and that book I’ve open in front of me? That just means I’m bored…

I’ve also been given a great piece of advice recently that I can’t quite wrap my head around:

The quality of once writing doesn’t matter because  only marketing dictates how well a book sells. While, I do believe that marketing plays an important role in a books success. Who’s gonna market all these badly written and (likely) unedited books, which no publisher would ever touch? Fairies? And who gets them in front of people?

Is it weird of me to find comments and behavior like that more bothersome than the expected rejections I’ve been getting?Which, for the record, still make me more excited than disappointed. I’ve gotten five out of the ten piece, I sent out, so far. Still hoping to get an acceptance sometime soon, but for now I’m happy just being part of the game.

I think the comment was either meant to be encouraging, or to get me to spent less time writing and more time socializing with people I share no interests with. I’m an introvert. Socializing isn’t on my agenda, though world domination might be (one day) ;p Besides I got called arrogant more than once for using long words. Anyway, I’m also stubborn to no end, so it makes me want to produce quality writing even more.

I’d rather not be published at all, than be published only because I sold out and wrote some trash…


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