Time Travelling Idea Thieves

I watch a lot of conspiracy theories on Youtube because I find them entertaining, but there really isn’t enough variety. So, I’m proposing a new one ;p

When I was maybe eleven, I started a story that later on turned out to be an odd and somewhat inept cross between THE SHINING and HOUSE ON THE HILL. Neither of which I was aware of until thirteen or so.

About six month before I started reading SONG OF ICE AND FIRE last year, I started a novel with locations named Arbor and Dorne and they’re even very similar to Martin’s in purpose and look.

I once used a male character named Afrael and later discovered a book with a female lead with the same name.

All of the above existed quite a while before I came up with my version.  So either all of their creators have time machines, which they used to steal my ideas before I had them or I have one.

There you got it: A shiny new conspiracy for all those paranoid about having their ideas stolen. I better be seeing documentaries about this by the end of the month  ;p


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