Too Random for a Title

When I started this blog, I did it only because everywhere says, if I want to be a writer I need one. I thought I might do weekly “I wrote X words” updates no one cares about. I also thought, that I’d end up with an “I’m so sick of X” type post by now. So far I’ve refrained, but  the day has come. I’m so sick of…

Wasps. Yes, wasps. I hate them and they’re everywhere. In my defense, I suffer from Spheksophobia–sue chrome for wanting to correct that into homophobia. Every time I leave the house or look outside, there’s a wasp somewhere going merrily about its day and ruining mine.

Anyway, enough whining. I finished converting my 1st person story to 3rd after almost a week. And it’s managed to grow from the original 500 words to nearly 5k. True, it still needs editing, but it’s done!

No responses yet on any of the other stories, I’ve got out on submission.


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