Not a 1st Person Person

I got some con crit on a 1st person piece I was fooling around with and in trying to fix it I realized that maybe I just wasn’t meant to write 1st person.

Now, considering that it’s a piece, I was originally going to ditch, I could have just walked away, but that’s kind of not fair to the people who gave their time and honest opinions.

I gave it one try in 1st, which made neither better nor worse an almost doubled it in length. Then today, I gave in t my gut and tried porting it to third.

I’ve only got about 500 words so far and they’re likely not even good words, but they came far easier. For comparison: The original story started out as exactly 500  words and took me three days to write. Plus, I find 3rd person easier and more fun to write.

Learn something new every day, I guess. ..


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