Kill Your Darlings

My first reaction to the above advice was “That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.”  Especially after I dug deeper and came across a suggestion to cut the first three chapters of a first draft.

Now, my NaNo novel is a steaming mess and I expected to need to rewrite it almost entirely, but three whole chapters?  Then potential reader won’t know how that character ended  up on an island that shouldn’t exist. Unthinkable. Thanks to getting into short stories,  I recently started thinking that maybe they don’t have to. At least not right off the bat. It’ll require refocusing the story on a different MC, but  it would work and a lot of the stuff I showed “on screen” during the first draft would make for great background noise.  Rewriting to that degree is going to take me forever. Especially since I intend to keep up the short stories, too, but I think I’m on to something. Doing this al;so, allows me to drop three minor characters and get another more involved.

Worst comes to worst, it’s further practice. So: Win win.


I Think I’m Doing it Wrong

or at least saying it wrong because whenever I state my desire/plan to make money off writing, people think I mean just until I find something better. So, they try to fill my time with other ‘great’ things to entertain me. Oh, and that book I’ve open in front of me? That just means I’m bored…

I’ve also been given a great piece of advice recently that I can’t quite wrap my head around:

The quality of once writing doesn’t matter because  only marketing dictates how well a book sells. While, I do believe that marketing plays an important role in a books success. Who’s gonna market all these badly written and (likely) unedited books, which no publisher would ever touch? Fairies? And who gets them in front of people?

Is it weird of me to find comments and behavior like that more bothersome than the expected rejections I’ve been getting?Which, for the record, still make me more excited than disappointed. I’ve gotten five out of the ten piece, I sent out, so far. Still hoping to get an acceptance sometime soon, but for now I’m happy just being part of the game.

I think the comment was either meant to be encouraging, or to get me to spent less time writing and more time socializing with people I share no interests with. I’m an introvert. Socializing isn’t on my agenda, though world domination might be (one day) ;p Besides I got called arrogant more than once for using long words. Anyway, I’m also stubborn to no end, so it makes me want to produce quality writing even more.

I’d rather not be published at all, than be published only because I sold out and wrote some trash…

Time Travelling Idea Thieves

I watch a lot of conspiracy theories on Youtube because I find them entertaining, but there really isn’t enough variety. So, I’m proposing a new one ;p

When I was maybe eleven, I started a story that later on turned out to be an odd and somewhat inept cross between THE SHINING and HOUSE ON THE HILL. Neither of which I was aware of until thirteen or so.

About six month before I started reading SONG OF ICE AND FIRE last year, I started a novel with locations named Arbor and Dorne and they’re even very similar to Martin’s in purpose and look.

I once used a male character named Afrael and later discovered a book with a female lead with the same name.

All of the above existed quite a while before I came up with my version.  So either all of their creators have time machines, which they used to steal my ideas before I had them or I have one.

There you got it: A shiny new conspiracy for all those paranoid about having their ideas stolen. I better be seeing documentaries about this by the end of the month  ;p

Trade- vs Self-Publishing

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself since 2004 when I first learned of self-publishing. Although, what I’d been introduced to then turned out to be vanity- not self-.

And I’m not ashamed to admit that my inability to finish things was the only thing that kept me from taking a running leap at PA. In my defense, I was a teen and had no money, and they were the only ones, that came up in a quick google search, not asking for cash up front.

Nowadays I know better than to pay some outfit to stroke my ego and vanity publishing is of the table but self and trade are not. Both have their pros and cons, I know.  The big problem is figuring out which one fits my needs best. I want to be able to make a living with writing while at the same time avoiding fame as much as possible. I’m not a people person, so signing and interviews are things I dread.  In that regard, self-publishing might be the better option, but there’s marketing. I don’t think I’d be very good at that either.

And thanks to the aftereffects of a stroke when I was 21, I still don’t have anymore money than I did in’ 04, so with self-publishing my books would have to bring in enough profit to not only support me, but also themselves. There’s also the fact that I refuse to sell trash, so I don’t really want to put anything out there until I’ve made at least one sale to a magazine as proof to myself that my writing is worth money.

It’s a hard decision. that I’m currently postponing until December, when many magazine take a sort of Christmas break anyway.  Until then, I’ll keep subbing.

Too Random for a Title

When I started this blog, I did it only because everywhere says, if I want to be a writer I need one. I thought I might do weekly “I wrote X words” updates no one cares about. I also thought, that I’d end up with an “I’m so sick of X” type post by now. So far I’ve refrained, but  the day has come. I’m so sick of…

Wasps. Yes, wasps. I hate them and they’re everywhere. In my defense, I suffer from Spheksophobia–sue chrome for wanting to correct that into homophobia. Every time I leave the house or look outside, there’s a wasp somewhere going merrily about its day and ruining mine.

Anyway, enough whining. I finished converting my 1st person story to 3rd after almost a week. And it’s managed to grow from the original 500 words to nearly 5k. True, it still needs editing, but it’s done!

No responses yet on any of the other stories, I’ve got out on submission.


Yesterday, I got my first rejection. Just a form, but I feel like there should be at least a twinge of disappointment. Maybe it’s because I expected a rejection–especially from this press–but the only thing I really feel is some odd sort of elation.It’s like I’ve weaseled my way into an exclusive club. The members still eye me with suspicion, but I’m in.

On another note; I love how non writers view agents as these idea stealing monsters, who dare to get paid for doing their job. I’ve lost count of how often I’ve been warned away from ever getting one. And they mean it, too.

All I’ve gotta say to that is anyone wants to steal my ideas, I’ll pack them a bag. I live in a world full of them after all.

Not a 1st Person Person

I got some con crit on a 1st person piece I was fooling around with and in trying to fix it I realized that maybe I just wasn’t meant to write 1st person.

Now, considering that it’s a piece, I was originally going to ditch, I could have just walked away, but that’s kind of not fair to the people who gave their time and honest opinions.

I gave it one try in 1st, which made neither better nor worse an almost doubled it in length. Then today, I gave in t my gut and tried porting it to third.

I’ve only got about 500 words so far and they’re likely not even good words, but they came far easier. For comparison: The original story started out as exactly 500  words and took me three days to write. Plus, I find 3rd person easier and more fun to write.

Learn something new every day, I guess. ..