Victorious Defeat

Exactly one week after signing up for W1S1 I admit defeat.

I’m not giving up on the challenge itself, no. That’s actually going fairly well.. I’ve almost finished this week’s story and send out last week’s. But I’m no longer trying to force the prologue gone standalone, I’ve now lovingly dubbed Monster, into short story format.

I’ll edit and write it alongside the current story, and should it ever decide to behave, it’ll ho out. Otherwise I might turn it into the place ago when writing pisses me off. Unless it wants to be a novel, of course. Then it might well be what makes me filthy rich ;p

Oh, and. I can’t believe I got five subs out there and not a single one came back with a metaphorical “Go die in a fire” <– Not really but I always wanted to use that expression on some and I’m the only one I get to be rude to without butthurt.


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