Write 1 Sub 1 and Why Editing is Evil

Sometime around Wednesday I got the idea to challenge myself to  http://www.write1sub1.com/ . Because I’m just a touch of lazy and also not that pro yet, I took a previously written prologue of mine.

I started editing it, so it could stand on its own, with the intend of sending it out on Friday. Sounds easy, right? Well it’s Saturday evening now and I’m still editing. What used to be a 994 word prologue, has turned into a 1.9k monster and it’s still growing. If it keeps going like that, I’ll fail the challenge before ever really starting, but I might get a novel out of it. So all’s good….

Best thing is, though: I actually enjoy editing. It breaks my brain, but it’s fun. The broke your leg skydiving kind of fun.


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