Victorious Defeat

Exactly one week after signing up for W1S1 I admit defeat.

I’m not giving up on the challenge itself, no. That’s actually going fairly well.. I’ve almost finished this week’s story and send out last week’s. But I’m no longer trying to force the prologue gone standalone, I’ve now lovingly dubbed Monster, into short story format.

I’ll edit and write it alongside the current story, and should it ever decide to behave, it’ll ho out. Otherwise I might turn it into the place ago when writing pisses me off. Unless it wants to be a novel, of course. Then it might well be what makes me filthy rich ;p

Oh, and. I can’t believe I got five subs out there and not a single one came back with a metaphorical “Go die in a fire” <– Not really but I always wanted to use that expression on some and I’m the only one I get to be rude to without butthurt.


Write 1 Sub 1 and Why Editing is Evil

Sometime around Wednesday I got the idea to challenge myself to . Because I’m just a touch of lazy and also not that pro yet, I took a previously written prologue of mine.

I started editing it, so it could stand on its own, with the intend of sending it out on Friday. Sounds easy, right? Well it’s Saturday evening now and I’m still editing. What used to be a 994 word prologue, has turned into a 1.9k monster and it’s still growing. If it keeps going like that, I’ll fail the challenge before ever really starting, but I might get a novel out of it. So all’s good….

Best thing is, though: I actually enjoy editing. It breaks my brain, but it’s fun. The broke your leg skydiving kind of fun.

Seeing the Positive

Though, I haven’t gotten any updates on the two pieces I sent out (on the 16th and 19th respectively), neither got rejected right of the bat. So I guess, I at least managed to  follow their submission guidelines well enough.

I’m expecting my first rejection any day now, which doesn’t sound very positive.  If you think about it, though, being rejected says “I tried.” and that’s a whole lot more positive than “I wasted a chance because I was to scared.”

No matter the the result, as long as I try my best, I’m happy. And isn’t that all that matters?

On a really positive note, though: The sunflower seeds I planted last month are beginning to sprout and my rubber tree is putting out new leaves like it’s being paid for it.

Cat And Mouse

Didn’t really feel like focusing on my novel today, so  I did this:

“Dinner!” The cat licked its lips.

“Isn’t it a little too early for that?”

The question gave the cat pause and its already flat face scrunched up in confusion. “Lunch then?”
“Too late,” A satisfied grin appeared on the mouse’s face when the cat let out a low whine and swatted at its own tail once.
“Breakfast?” it tried, voice dripping with hope the mouse was only too eager to crush.
“Think, my friend,” it said, though they were not friends. “If it is too soon for dinner and too late for lunch can it possibly be time for breakfast?”
The mouth could tell how badly the cat wanted to answer “Yes.” by the way its whiskers twitched.
But unlike most of its kind, this cat was an honest sort and not too bright on top. It sat back on its haunches and stared at the mouse. “Then what am I to eat you for today?”
“Not today, no,” The mouth said and shook his head in mock sadness. “But tomorrow, we shall meet right here at noon and I’ll be your lunch.”
“Marvelous,” the cat exclaimed and took off.
The mouse showed up late the day after….

Just a bit of more or less pointless and unedited dialog, but I kind of like the way it turned out.
I’m pretending, though, that I didn’t have to go in and changed mouth to mouse everywhere it’s mentioned…

Of Pride and Commitment

Early today, I finished  How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck and came out with one story I loved, three I liked and one I couldn’t care less for. Doesn’t matter though. It’s progress and that I’m proud of.

Now , “all” I have to do is whip them into shape and find someone who wants to pay me for them.  If only this were the easy part…

I also opened myself up to attack, by finally taking the plunge and sending another short out to a magazine. They’ll probably beat  it with a stick, but oh well… . ;p


Building a Dream

On my eighth or ninth birthday, I–for some reason–was given a stack of lined paper and a little green binder.  Not knowing what else to do with that, I decided to draw comics.

A few days later, I had a single drawing of a barely recognizable dog coupled with several pages of writing. I ditched the drawing, but kept the writing  and for the next two years I wrote on a continuous story, I called HAPPY DOGS. It was far from good writing, but I loved doing it. My inner writer had been woken.

People kept discouraging me. Telling me I’d never finish a novel-length manuscript and thus never get published. For a good twenty years, I believed them. I quit writing more often than one changes underwear, proving the nay-sayers right over and over again.

But the dream never died and in November 2014 I participated in NaNoWriMo and  wrote the most beautiful two words on the 29th at the bottom of a very messy first draft.

As of today, I  am still unpublished, but now I am confident  that I can get there as long as I  follow my dream .  This time, I’m not quitting, no matter what anyone says. I’ve already proven them wrong once, I’ll just have to do that again.