Building a Dream

On my eighth or ninth birthday, I–for some reason–was given a stack of lined paper and a little green binder.  Not knowing what else to do with that, I decided to draw comics.

A few days later, I had a single drawing of a barely recognizable dog coupled with several pages of writing. I ditched the drawing, but kept the writing  and for the next two years I wrote on a continuous story, I called HAPPY DOGS. It was far from good writing, but I loved doing it. My inner writer had been woken.

People kept discouraging me. Telling me I’d never finish a novel-length manuscript and thus never get published. For a good twenty years, I believed them. I quit writing more often than one changes underwear, proving the nay-sayers right over and over again.

But the dream never died and in November 2014 I participated in NaNoWriMo and  wrote the most beautiful two words on the 29th at the bottom of a very messy first draft.

As of today, I  am still unpublished, but now I am confident  that I can get there as long as I  follow my dream .  This time, I’m not quitting, no matter what anyone says. I’ve already proven them wrong once, I’ll just have to do that again.


Why GoG.com is Awesome

After realizing that GoG didn’t implement 2 step authentication until about a year after I lost that email and announced it via email, I decided to try my luck with support after all.

I honestly expected a negative response. They don’t save much dated, thus leaving few ways to verify identity, plus I tend to make up none vital information.Call me paranoid

Call me paranoid but I don’t like someone having my real data when they don’t need it.

Instead, they asked me for information I could provide and then changed my email for me.

I buy maybe one or two games/series a decade on average so I’m not exactly a good customer, but, that is awesome.


The Unforeseen Consequences of a Dead HDD

I have an old email address that got compromised years ago and subsequently deleted by google. All my gaming accounts were tied to that email and I thought I’d changed them all to a new one. Then I tried to log in to GOG and apparently I haven’t done that in years. They want me to confirm my identity by clicking the link sent to the dead email. Yay!

Admittedly, I could re-enable that email if I knew the password to an AOL account so old it doesn’t have password recovery. And I do remember leaving AOL because it kept deleting emails it considered spam, which by the end was almost all of them…

So there go all my retro games.

I considered contacting GOG support but, I wouldn’t believe my story.

On a more positive note, I’m replaying Dragon Age. With more mods than should be allowed and it’s made for some amusing surprises.

Like Bann Teagan’s impeccable sense of dress.


I had a save with half the Redcliffe militia fending off undead naked. Removed a mod, they got dressed again but Teagan didn’t.

Turns out it was Just Regular Old Writer’s block

Rather than me being frustrated with the circumstance surrounding Of Heroes and Magic Mishaps, the story had just diverted from the barebones outline I made back in March to the point where it no longer worked. Due to the introduction of two additional characters, the protagonists can longer meet the way or in the location, I intended them to. Also, the antagonist needs a different approach.

I gave myself a few days to figure out what to do with that and I think I got it. At least, I don’t feel like I’m fighting against a sea of molasses everytime  I write.

The Long Road to Catching Up

April’s harddrive/trojan fiasco threw me for a real loop and switching to my hated backup PC just made it worse. I intended to be more or less finished with the novel I started in April by now. Instead, I’m barely a quarter in.

I still love the story and want to finish it but, I’m having a hard time getting back into it. Some days I just want to print the whole thing out and shred it or burn it.

Thing is, I know myself. I know that if I take a genuine break from it, I’ll never come back. Plus, I kind of feel guilty if I try to work on something else.

I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do now other than try and force my way through. Which will likely mean the story suffers.


There’s a Fine on That?

I keep reading that wasps are an endangered species, which I refuse to believe. There at least as common as houseflies here. So, I looked into that a little further. Turns out there’s a 5k fine on killing a wasp without due cause. Though I think they refer more to less common kinds that keep away from people, but still… In comparison, blocking an ambulance or another emergency vehicle with full sirens costs 60. No further consequences should someone die as a result unless a third party just happened to write down the license plate.

Someone explain that to me.

Striped Invaders

Earlier today, I opened my bathroom window to let out the steam. It’s a small window, located right behind the toilette and thus nearly inaccessible. When I went to close it again, it wouldn’t. A narrow gap always stayed open at the top. I figured it’s warm so it’s not too big a problem just yet and reported it to my landlord.

A few hours later there’s a wasp buzzing up and down the window. And that is a huge problem. I have a severe wasp phobia–I can’t even go in there and spray it, nevermind getting it out. While the bathroom door is right beside the entrance door, the layout makes it unlikely for the damn wasp to find its way there. It’d have to fly away from the light until it finds the next source and then outside.

So, I shoved a glass of sugar water in there and closed the door. Checked a few minutes ago, and the thing is nowhere to be seen. Maybe, I got lucky for a change and it made it out through the same gap. I’m going to check on it again in an hour or so.

A few years ago, one flew over my head through the entrance and into the living room. I spent about half an hour standing outside, waiting for it to come out again. Fortunately, it did.

I wish I wasn’t too much of a coward to kill them. Hate me for it, but, I torch every last wasp on Earth if I could.


Linux – I Wish I’d Switched Years Ago

Tuesday evening I rage quit Windows when it decided that I wasn’t using my computer and it was time to install an update. Forced updates are bad enough but disrupting my work? With all the other things I dislike about Windows 10, that just one too much.

It took me less than an hour to set up Linux and get it doing what I want. As I used no Windows based programs anyway, I’m still working in the same environment. The hardest thing so far was getting it to let me lock into my network and even that only took minutes.

And to top things off: A few years ago, I spent hours trying to get Windows to display a clock on the taskbar on both screens only to find out that it’s impossible.  Linux let me do it with just a quick Google search.

So, that’s it for me. No more buying prebuilt computers just for the OS.